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User Experience Design (UXD or UX) in web design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of user interaction with websites. These are some of the best practices we have acquired over the…

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Icons are EVERYWHERE: websites, smartphones and software - we even see them offline, such as in signage. Some icons like home, print, play, and search are so common that they don't require any explanation - we know exactly what they…

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In order for your website or app to produce a positive, memorable user experience, it is important to understand how the human mind works. Without understanding how the mind perceives, processes and retains information, it is quite possible that an…

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The Future of Customer Experience

Let’s talk about the future of customer experience. I’m often asked about it, and I’ll tell you this universal truth: Customers will expect more than we can give them. You heard that right. We are reaching a point when expectations…

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Improve the User Journey

From the moment a user lands on your website until they either leave or convert into a customer, a series of steps lead them from one point to another. Buyer personas represent your typical customer and help address pain points…

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UX – Learn from Street Signs

You’re driving on an unfamiliar freeway, trying to figure out which exit you need to take to reach your destination. Squinting, you see a familiar large green sign up ahead – now’s the time to figure out what you need…

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A Guide to User Research Analysis

When designers perform user interviews, field observations, or usability tests, they gather tons of notes and data to help inform design decisions and recommendations. But how do they make sense of so much qualitative data? Talking to customers is great,…

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