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LAUX Designs is an Experience Consultancy and Staffing Agency. We provide business, product and design strategy services that drive business results and solve unmet needs


The power of good designing

We believe that simple-to-use and user-friendly design is the key to any digital startup, platform, and digital product. When a mobile or web UI is easy to understand, product adoption is much easier for new users. Getting an experienced in-house UI/UX designer, or hiring an outside user experience design agency or a company makes a lot of sense.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design. – Ralf Speth

about our services


  • Insights & intelligence
  • Brand architecture
  • Growth strategy
  • Digital product strategy
  • Research and testing
  • Product vision, prioritization and roadmapping


  • Acquisition and retention program design and operations
  • Paid media strategy and development
  • Data, analytics, and measurement


  • Experience design and architecture
  • Martech strategy & implementation
  • Solution architecture
  • Platform recommendation & implementation
  • Digital product build, launch and maintenance

How do we do what we do?

Each of our individual practices come together to tackle unmet user needs and tough business challenges.

Laux Help Company To Grow

We help companies grow.

We help companies grow by focusing on the power of experience. Why do we focus on experience? Because experiences are a key component of a holistic solution that impacts both your customers and your employees. And we know experience-driven businesses grow revenue faster and increase customer lifetime value more.


expedited efficiency

We are determined and take pride in our ability to deliver proficiently designed products on time and ahead of time rewarding your trust in us for your design needs.


we help companies grow.

At LAUX Designs, your challenge is never too big or complex. Our design teams and specialists work collaboratively to ask the tough questions and build expert solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

Build delightful experiences?

Stay relevant in the digital age?

Modernize your technology?

Improve loyalty & retention?

Transform brand appearance?

Improve loyalty & retention?

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UX Design

UX design is designing user interfaces that are both effective and appealing to users. Many factors must be considered when designing a UI, including the user’s needs, the site’s functionality, and the design itself. To create an effective and appealing UX, designers must consider these three factors to create an effective interface for any given situation.

UX Strategy

UX Strategy is the process of creating a design that meets the needs and wants of users. This can involve everything from creating simple user interfaces to creating complex or innovative user experiences. UX Strategy is essential for any company, regardless of size, because it affects how people use your products and services.

UX Research

UX research is essential to design and evaluating effective user interfaces. By understanding how users interact with a product, you can make better decisions about improving the user experience. Laux discusses some of the most common UX research methods and their importance.

UI Design

UI design is a critical component of any website or application. By understanding the different types of UI design and how to create them effectively, you can create user-friendly and engaging experiences for your users.

Design Audits

UX audits and testing are important steps in ensuring that a website or app is user-friendly. By doing these tests, you can identify areas where users may need improvement and make necessary changes.

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