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Plan for inevitable

Customers control today’s hyper-competitive markets creating a daunting responsibilities for small and large companies. Change is fast and always accelerating. Where do you measure in comparison to your competition? Do you understand your customers and employees unspoken expectations? Do you see where the opportunities are for growth, and for profitability?



Unlock tremendous value for your business and those you serve.

Not all businesses have the same needs. But two things that all businesses need in today’s competitive marketplace are continuous transformation and unwavering commitment to customers. With new digital-first market entrants popping up daily without the constraints that traditional companies face, success hinges on a business’s ability to quickly meet the needs of an ever-changing customer. Agility, constant ideation and smart experimentation are key to keeping up.

Whether the need is baseline analysis to benchmark your current state, a business case design to justify future direction, or a market-facing look at the competitive landscape to identify untapped opportunities, LAUX’s “NONconsultant” approach to corporate strategy helps our clients move from “business as usual” to rapidly becoming innovative leaders in their space. All with an ever-present lens on your Connected Customers.


We lead actionable business change for clients via a organic set of specifically designed services to recognize opportunities and plan a path for the future. Serving as true advocates for your business, partnering to help you craft the strategic vision that will drive value for your customers and shareholders is what LAUX takes true pride in.

So, we want your challenge!

Strategic vision

Partnering to create strategic vision to drive value.

Business case

Creating a case for change & investment in digital to stakeholders.

Operational efficiency

Enhancing operations through digital efficiencies.



Competitive & market analysis

Risk assessment

Gap analysis

Existing platform review

Digital maturity assessment

Growth strategy

Xperience will always be the most important investment for business. 84% of customers say “the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services”.

If you are ready for a new experience,

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