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Be addicted to pleasing

More than ever users remain connected, and experiences are priceless. With new and exciting connections be offered to users continuously, the brands that remin on the minds of users are those that design with their customers’ needs in mind while offering instant transparency to information, flawless support in service, and contextual awareness 24/7.



Design with users in mind.

Today, everyone is in the experience business. Experiences matter to customers more than products and customers’ expectations are at an all-time high. The stakes are high as customers continue to measure every experience by the last experience they had. Businesses that focus on customer experiences grow exponentially faster, realize higher customer lifetime value, and have greater revenue than those that do not.

As digital continues to raise the bar in every sector, companies are clamoring to stay relevant and best meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers and employees. Superior experiences that are contextual, personalized and frictionless are the linchpin that will drive your company forward while others are left behind.


LAUX designs experiences that help brands unleash their full potential. Being grounded in design thinking and an in-depth understanding of complex customer behavior, regardless of industries, you can rely on LAUX to design preeminent products and services that are mission critical to business. From user research and validating wants and needs to full-scale development across a multitude of digital platforms, we create xperiences that brands love and people enjoy.

So, we want your challenge!

Customer behavior

Identifying key customer attitudes & behaviors?

User expectations

Understanding user needs & expectations?

Connected experiences

Designing preeminent customer experiences?

Customer journey

Revealing friction in the customer journey?

Proof of concept

Testing a new idea or evaluating a concept?



Xperience design

Xperience audits & assessments


Customer trends & insights

User segmentation & personas

User research & usability testing

End-to-end customer journeys

Information architecture

Visual design

Design standards & guidelines

Xperience will always be the most important investment for business. 84% of customers say “the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services”.

If you are ready for a new experience,

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