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Translating ideas into

Rapid innovation is challenging for just about any businesses to sustain and many feel pressure from disruptors. The good news is that there’s another way. One that takes into account your business, your competition, your customers and the reality of your business and product architecture.



For most, what "Is" will always crowd out what "Could" be.

Today, more than ever, innovation is a requirement. In our experience, every company recognizes the need to innovate, yet many struggle to translate ideas into tangible business results. Time, money and resource constraints can cause even the largest of companies to slowly lose their foothold while their customers seek alternative methods to fulfill their wants and needs.

By leaning head-first into the wants, needs and expectations of the Connected Customer, coupled with a purposeful observation of what’s happening in the world around them, companies can take back the reins and find ways to remain relevant and succeed in this new world. Finding a flexible, yet robust structure for identifying and pursuing necessary business innovation is key to continuous value delivery.


Our unique approach to structured innovation offers a programmatic solution for acceleration and growth, new idea generation, and new channel definition. Solutioning complex challenges requires more than just energy and want. We believe it requires a variety of cross-functional team working in an environment of open collaboration and constant ideation. LAUX can provide speed to answers and speed to market as only an outside perspective can.

UX Research Firm In Los Angeles

So, we want your challenge!

Growth stategy

Exploring new ideas for growth.

Uncover opportunity

Discovering untapped market opportunities.

Channel expansion

Investigating new channels & opportunities.

Idea validation

Rapidly testing an idea prior to implementation.

Proof sprint

Quickly testing or validating a digital product feature or function.



Digital ecosystem evaluation & planning
– Digital trend spotting & POV
– New channel development

Disruptive innovation
– Structured, rapid innovation
– Concept validation sprints
– Rapid prototyping

Innovation as a service
– Ongoing innovation programs
– Dedicated team / paired innovation

Xperience will always be the most important investment for business. 84% of customers say “the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services”.

If you are ready for a new experience,

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