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  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Creativity


  • Figma
  • Spline
  • Adobe Suite
  • Miro


I’d like to think that I am passionate and versatile as an experienced designer. Based in Los Angeles, I am fortunate to have a decade of diverse expertise, collaborating with startups and tech companies to bring brands to life. My ambition is a driving force, infusing prompt comprehension, beautiful simplicity, and engaging designs into my work. In my belief, design and storytelling wield the power to provide direction and emphasize progress.

Having lived as a nomad in my car for three years, I drove across the entire country, immersing myself in diverse experiences to capture their essence, and these experiences continue to influence my work. Whether leading a project or deeply involved in its design, I consistently deliver high-quality work fueled by my zest for life and insatiable curiosity, evident in all my artistic expressions.


Life is a vibrant symphony where I find joy in diverse passions. From the exhilaration of sports events to the virtual escapades of Batman games, my gaming adventures are as epic as the Caped Crusader himself. Traveling is my portal to different dimensions, immersing in local cultures like a time-traveling explorer. My love for diversity extends to volunteering, where I share my retired skills as a hairstylist, using clippers and shears to give free haircuts to kids in public housing. Fitness and healthy living are my steadfast companions, ensuring I’m ready for life’s challenges. Here’s to the joyful chaos of sports, the thrill of Batman, wanderlust, heartwarming volunteering, fitness, and the sweet addiction to diversity. Life’s an adventure, and I’m dancing to the beat of every passionate note!

Passions and Goals

My journey has been marked by diversity, and coincidentally, I have developed a strong affinity for it. The inspiration derived from encountering inconsistency in every aspect of life remains unparalleled. I am thrilled about making a significant impact on the diverse lives of those I interact with. The excitement lies in successfully nurturing the growth of LAUX Design Agency, a venture that benefits not only our team of designers but also transforms the user experience. Simultaneously, with Beauty Beats Cancer, the anticipation of reaching its full potential and instilling confidence in individuals facing life’s challenges underscores the importance of diversity, adding an extra layer of excitement. Looking forward, I am eager for the journey ahead, filled with exciting milestones and meaningful impacts.

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