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Listeners. Adapters. Understanders. Xperts.

Connections between brands and people is the purpose we are dedicated to.





Our ability to understand, respect, and relate to the uniqueness and individuality of products and brands enables us to deliver on expectations.

a little about

We are a D.E.I. design company providing end-to-end experience transformation services that produce undeniable value for dream startups and established familiar companies. Our many experiences to date have created meaningful connections between brands and consumers and have changed how our clients compete and win in their marketplace and industry.

Because of our experiences, we possess the ability to help our clients grow by creating experiences that matter for your business and your customers.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

With a true love and appreciation for creativity, value and technology, LAUX Design CEO and Founder, Jon Hill, took the red pill over the blue one.

Diversity is a powerful tool for inclusion. We were launched to allow better representation of all users, ensuring the products we design illustrate consideration, understanding, and empathy and is validated by actual experience and passion of our design team. When launched, the original goal was to be a company that helped new designers gain the intro experience required by employers for launching their careers. This mission introduced our founder to a wealth of talented designers with a multitude of impactful experiences that are valuable for D.E.I.

Looking forward, we aim to continue our progressive impact for the brands that trust our expertise and on the careers of our talented designers with the opportunity for successful growth. Lets Go!!!

We're in the business of connections.

No matter what kind of transformation your company is experiencing, whether it is market pressure from shifting customer expectations, disruptive competitors, or the internal pressures to become more efficient through technology, transformation means change. Oddly humans resist change at every level and with great fervor. No transformation will be successful without first establishing a mindset throughout the enterprise that brings everyone together.

At LAUX, we pay special attention to connections. And we always seek opportunities to build genuine, deep connections that only authentic, open, transparent communications and actions can bring. This is true with our clients, with our teams, and with our partners. We believe working in this way, and only this way, is the path to the best results and the greatest efficiencies along the way.

When you consciously and purposefully put relationships at the center of everything you do, it creates a level of collaboration and comradery that everyone reaps the benefits from. And it helps ensure that we are all pulling on the same rope, in the same direction, each and every day, to make everyone’s journey as fulfilling as it can be.


Values that impact our everyday lives

We believe values are the key things that matter most to your business and everyone that works there. They are guide posts for decision making and define meaningful success for the business.

At LAUX, our values underscore our commitment to ourselves, our work and our clients and provide direction for everything we do.

We treat our clients and each other with respect, because that’s what we expect in return. We lend each other a helping hand and respect the unique value that each of us brings to the company.

respect others

What we build is a direct reflection of ourselves. It’s who we are. We do what we love. We take pride in what we do, both as individuals and as a team.

take the craft personally

We reflect deeply on details. We challange everything. We think beyond the obvious. We honestly consider what is workin and what is not. We ask the tough questions to get to the right answers.

ask tough questions

We break limits. We make the impossible look easy. We have a thirst for innovation. We set the bar for tehe rest of the industry. Challenges excite us.

embrace the impossible

We fully understand that we are here because of the user. We take personal pride in providing an amazing user experience and strive to surprise and delight users.

serve the user

We are proactive. We dont wait for others to tell us what to do; we take action. We are accountable for our own success. We “own” the quality of our work.

be restless

We deliver on our promises and and commitments to each other, our partners and our clients.

keep promises
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